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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post  SuperstarDomain on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:53 am


Ok, here are the rules for this forum.

1. What To Do After You Register.
Once you are registered, take a moment and fill in your profile. (By clicking the "profile" link on the navbar.)
Introduce yourself. (By going to the "What's New?" forum and replying to the "New User Introductions" topic.


2. Posting Content on the Forum.
This forum contains many sections which are clearly described. If the topic you would like to post is general, there is a forum for those discussions too, so make you make your section selection carefully.

DO NOT post any nudity, profanity or offensive posts anywhere on the forum, not even in your profiles. Some members on this forum are minors, and we need to make sure it stays clean for everyone.

You may post images by uploading them to a host, for example:, and put the image url between the image tags. You may also post videos by using the video tags. DO NOT attempt to upload anything directly to this forum.

DO NOT spam. We will not tolerate users trying to use this forum to attract people to anything related to them, especially if it is money related.

Post unique topics, if your topic already exists, please do not post it again. If I see too many of the same topics, I will start deleting some to cut down on unneeded clutter.

Also DO NOT copy and paste from other websites. Everything posted on this forum must be in the poster's own words. Anyone who posts copy and pasted material will be banned.


3.About Promotions and Ranks.
If you are a dedicated member who has been posting a lot, and you would like to help with the site, you may express interest by letting me know via PM. If I can use your help, I may promote you, but don't spam me with requests, just one is enough.


4.About Private Messaging (PMs).
PMs are a privilege, make sure you don't spam anyone, or send anyone offensive material. Only PM when necessary.


5. Locked Topics.
If you post a topic and come back to find it locked, that means the discussion was heading in a direction that is not appropriate here on this forum. If you would like to know more about why a specific forum was locked, ask me via PM.

Important informative topics, such as this one, are locked because they are not meant to be discussed, they are for reference use only.


6. Violations and Consequences.
I really don't want to have to come down hard on anyone, I'm really a very reasonable person, however keep in mind that if you violate the rules to an extent where it is causing users to get concerned or to lose enjoyment in the forum, I reserve the right to ban, disable the PM capabilities, or delete any user I feel is being unreasonably offensive or uncooperative. Let's keep it fun and safe for everyone.

*Check back here often, as the rules are subject to change or additions can be made at anytime.


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